Whether your RV is a home or a comfortable weekend getaway; taking good care of your RV is key to helping it work and last longer for these enjoyments.

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Individual Services

Water Heater Service  –  $96.00

Flush W/H tank  –  Inspect anode  –  Clean burner assembly and adjust burners/electrode. Check pressure relief valve, thermocouple and circuit board.

Oven/Range Service  –  $96.00

Check for proper LP pressure and adjust as needed  –  Clean dirt, grease, dust, spider webs. Light range burners individually  –  Test oven temperature, adjust within 25 degrees +/-.

Refrigerator Service  –  $96.00

Check refrigerator/freezer door seals/gaskets  –  Check venting  –  Check circuit board. Check LP pressure  –  Clean/adjust burner/orifice  –  Check 110V element.

LP Service  –  $80.00

Visual inspection of LP tank(s) & regulator  –  Complete LP pressure drop test. Complete line pressure test  –  Check LP detector(s).

Air Conditioner Service  –  $192.00

Check air temperature  –  Check compressor voltage  –  Check compressor amperage. Remove and clean filter  –  Visual inspection of shroud  –  Check/clear A/C roof drains.

Furnace Service  –  $192.00 (additional cost may occur if not accessible)

Clean main burner orifice  –  Clean/inspect/adjust electrode assembly  –  Clean blower. Check board  –  Clean/inspect combustion chamber  –  Inspect fan motor. Clean/inspect vent tubes and out casing  –  Reassemble with new gaskets.

Wheel Bearing Pack  –  $192.00 (per axle) *Towable units only

Remove and replace all grease in hub cavity  –  Inspect bearings for overheating. Inspect/clean/adjust brake assembly  –  Replace grease seals and cotter pins.

Slideout Service  –  $192.00

Inspect and lubricate exposed seals  –  Clean top of slide. Clean/lubricate exposed arms if applicable  –  Lubricate exposed gears if applicable.

Roof Maintenance  –  $320.00 *Estimate to be given if extensive or full reseal is required.

Clean/treat roof material as applicable  –  Visual inspection for damage/needed repairs. Minor patch repair  –  Touch up sealant as needed  –  UV-Blocking treatment

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We also provide Annual Service Packages!

Let’s build something great together.